Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

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It’s been a whopping four years since Canon first shipped its full-frame EOS 5D Mark III dSLR, a popular model for professional photographers who don’t need the speed of a model the size of, say, a 1D X Mark II. And even then the 5DM3 wasn’t a huge change from the Mark II. But for its update, the 5D Mark IV, Canon has made a lot of essential upgrades necessary to make it current for its core users — such as wedding, fashion and landscape photographers as well as videographers — especially if the company wants it to last another 4 years. These include a new sensor (with updated autofocus) and updated metering system, 4K and HDR video and built-in GPS.

For the body, the 5DM4 will run $3,500 (£2,630, AU$5,200); Canon plans to offer two kits as well, one with the 24-70mm f4L lens for $4,400 (AU$7,500) and one with the new 24-105mm f4L II lens for $4,600 (AU$6,200). That puts the body about $900 (£1,230, AU$1,700) more than the 5DM3.



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