About us

  • ShareShopShip is a New York City based shopping concierge service for personal and business consumers around the globe. Our team helps bridge the gap between the hurdles of shopping on US websites from overseas.
  • We started off as an IT consultant to multinational companies in West Africa for over a decade before creating a transparent platform for consumers to easily share their needs while our team assists with shopping and deliveries. We continue to expand our relationships with various vendors and convert the benefits derived into value-added for our customers.
  • With vast experience dealing with the West African market and beyond, we understand how difficult it can be to purchase items from the United States with Foreign Exchange and quality logistics constraints. Shopping with us is a seamless process. We will have your orders delivered to you in as little as 2 – 4 working days depending on your preferred shipping method. We are a shopping concierge service with a niche in Gadgets and Luxury goods. We scout online and retail stores for the best deals and purchase on behalf of our shoppers. What can we order for you today? Let us shop for you today


  • Simply Provide us with links for items you would to purchase.


  • We will browse for the best deals among vendors and email you a quote. Once the quote is confirmed and payment is received we will purchase your items.


  • We’ll have requested items delivered to you anywhere in the world.






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